Friday, February 11, 2011

Planned Obsolescence

What is planned obsolescence? See this video and answer the questions here.

Comprar, tirar, comprar


1) What interesting object is there at Livermore´s fire station?
2) Who did it invent and where was it manufactured?
3) Which invention was the first “victim” of the Planned Obsolescence?
4) What hapenned at the Geneva´s meeting in the 1924´s Christmas?
5) Who and when did invent the lightbulb? What was its life cicle?
6) The term “planned obsolescence” , who, where and when was it defined?
7) Who was Brooks Stevens?
8) What can control a printer´s life cicle?
9) What happened when Dupont company designed the nailon tights?
10) Who, where and when did present a long life lightbulb? What happened to it?
11) What happened at the beginning of the 21st century with the Apple´s ipods?
12) It is prohibited to send electronic waste to the third world, then how is it possible that countries like Ghana acumulate them?
13) What does Warner Phillips sell? Who is him?
14) What idea does “cradle to cradle” defend?
15) What word resume the thought of the decreasing movement?
16) How does Marcos solve at last the problem with his printer?
17) How do you define the Planned Obsolescence? Do you agree with it?

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